Exam Stress And Career Guidance


Everyone feels stressed during exams. This usually means that you feel tired, under pressure, confused, worried that you won’t do well etc. This is normal and often encourages us to do that extra bit of revision, listen a little more to the information in a lesson and work a bit harder. This is good. Struggle means you are making efforts.

However, too much pressure and anxiety can make you feel really bad. This may mean that you are @Jay Ajayi Jersey unable to concentrate on your work and may find that you are overly worrying about how you will do in your exam(s). It happens @Jay Ajayi Authentic Jersey due to pressure of the results. For quality success only smart and best efforts will help and not the pressure and stress. This is the time when professional help is required.

Expert’s guidance and his understanding about your mindset will set the ball rolling. You need to open your heart out to express your thoughts, apprehensions and feelings for the experts to create a roadmap for you.

Careers rarely @Jay Ajayi Womens Jersey develop the way we plan them. Our career path often takes many twists and turns, with particular events, choices and people influencing our direction.

It’s never easy to make a decision about something when you don’t have all the information that is needed, and the consequence of your decision can affect your life for better or worse! This is particularly true when it comes to career decisions. The best decisions are usually made when you are well informed of the options available and the decision just feels right. It’s relatively easy to explore the available options – this requires some research, but it is often more difficult to act on what feels right.

This is because most people are not confident about acting on their feelingsTheir decision must take into consideration their personal characteristics for the decision to feel right. Knowing what you feel and care about matters a lot when it comes to career decisions, which is why the first consideration for any advice offered is a good understanding of who you are.

For career you need to remember that you are hired for your technical skills but by and large you are fired for lack of soft-skills. In life your attitude and behaviour makes all the difference between success and failure.