Alcohol and Tobacco Addiction


Addictions are of many types; these are lifestyle issues where there is compulsion of doing something or taking some substance.

To resolve addiction readiness of addicted person is primary need. There are mainly two causes of addiction:

  • Addiction for taking care of sadness of life related issues.
  • Addiction for boredom…just for the sake of it…for fun and thrill.

The first one is tougher to handle and @Jay Ajayi Youth Jersey require determination of the addict and care, @Jay Ajayi Kids Jersey compassion, understanding and empathy of the caregivers.

Addictions run deep into the personality and life history of the person and the road of recovery is challenging but the good news here is that addicts in recovery often develop a depth of understanding and awareness that enable them to create lives which @Michael Thomas Jersey are more than averagely rewarding and fulfilling.

Addiction to a substance (alcohol, drugs) and other compulsive disorders such as gambling can wreak havoc on the person’s life. It affects all areas of the person – physical, mental, personal and social (relationships), career, finance and spiritual. Therefore any treatment needs to be holistic – to address all the affected areas. Any aspect that is overlooked may turn out to be a major trigger for relapse.

There is some evidence to suggest that inpatient treatment is more beneficial but preparation of mindset is absolutely essential for long term benefits. I call it ‘total rehabilitation’. Treatment with only medicines is short term treatment and is purely temporary asking for failure.