Sexual Problems

Sexual Problems

Sexuality is something people want to enjoy a lot but don’t want to talk about and improve its quality due to mindset of ‘I know everything’. But the fact is that you are born with only Organs and not with the Quality Sex Skill which is a learned behaviour.

Sexuality is a complex subject associated with lots and lots of Myths and the way it is viewed in judgemental way by people and society around us is very confusing and disturbing to youth.

By and large people are hardly aware of true and enjoying sexuality and the way elders associate shame and guilt with this, youngsters are at crossroads and confused lot.

All men and women are different in sexuality and health and it changes with Mindset and age.

What youngsters know of sexuality is by immature hearsay and porn watching…”DANGEROUS”

Timely…specially Premarital and Marital Guidance with Sexologist is of immense value and will lead to quality relationship in Marriage and Sexuality.

You will benefit from talking at length and learning quality sexual relations with a Sexologist about all the aspect of your sexuality and your opposite sex.

People’s experiences of themselves as sexual beings vary greatly and sexual mores have changed and continue to change greatly in a short space of time, leaving many people confused.

You may feel guilty or ashamed about your past or confused about the sexual feelings you experience and unaware about how to express them healthily for you.

Whatever your relationship status, your sexual orientation or your sexual practice, the aim of Guidance and if needed therapy is to gain a positive acceptance of yourself as a sexual being in which you can express and enjoy your sexuality, stay safe and keep others safe.

As per my experience, many times in sexual relationships husband and wife keep @Michael Thomas Authentic Jersey waiting in frustration for other partner to understand his or her point of view, and thereby vital quality time of marital and sexual life is lost. I would like to suggest that even if one of them understands that there is a problem….then in spite of looking for hearsay, he/she alone needs to make a move for guidance with sexologist for excellence.

Understanding the Meaning of Sexuality

Sexuality is a topic which is often confusing and at times difficult to understand both by the individual as well as by the people he/she are associated with i.e. family, friends, spouses, relatives etc because of the following factors:

Why is it important to Understand Sexuality?

A thorough understanding of or own Sexual feelings and needs as well as those of our spouse or partner is very important for the following reasons:

Which is the correct age to get Sexual Guidance?

Different people become sexually aware at different ages. It all depends upon the upbringing, cultural background, family etc. Sometimes children become Sexually aware at around 8 to 9 years but unless they are open about their awareness, parents or care givers can never know whether they have received proper knowledge. @Michael Thomas Youth Jersey Adults, especially from conservative cultures often supress their Sexual Awareness until they get married.

Where can one get proper guidance on Sexuality and which is the correct age to get guidance?

In today’s world, most of the teenagers or children get their sexual knowledge from peers or movies/seriels or the internet. Schools also play a major role in Sex Education but often technical information is imparted and aspects like “Masturbation” or “Teenage crushes” are frowned upon or often never discussed. Today the outlook of parents, especially in metros and urban areas are changing a lot and they are very free in their discussions with their children. So, open minded parents can be the best guides. However in cases where parents are not very open, it is advisable to avail guidance from a professional qualified counsellor.